Legal Resources

Bizfile is the online filing portal of the Registry of Companies and Businesses. It provides online filing and registration for companies and businesses. It also makes available online searches on companies and businesses in Singapore.

Findlaw is a search engine dedicated to finding law-related websites and information, providing organised sections of links for legal professionals, law students, and the general public.

Infolaw Gateway
The leading UK legal web gateway providing legal information service on the web, covering a vast array of web-based publications.
An American site offering free legal advice to the Internet Community.

LawNet is the information hub for Singapore's legal professionals, providing a legal information network that aims to provide users with an instantaneous and convenient way to retrieve legal information service

LawResearch is a comprehensive website providing thousands of links to legal resources. Use the free public service or join as a member to gain access to over 500,000 legal resource links worldwide.

Links to American law firm directory listings and other searchable legal resources.

Also known as PublicLegal, this website is run by the Internet Legal Research Group. It offers a categorized index of more than 4000 select web sites in 238 nations, islands, and territories, as well as thousands of web pages, legal forms, and downloadable files. A comprehensive resource with an emphasis on the laws of the USA.

This site allows the preparation of (American style) customised legal documents and legal forms directly online. Many documents are provided free, while others are available for a small fee.

LexisNexis provides commercial solutions for legal professionals and companies. Their products include software for the web, online systems, proprietary software, and more.
An online legal directory of legal services and resources from the USA.

Singapore Law Watch
Singapore Law Watch is Singapore’s foremost daily legal news syndication site, supported by SingaporeLaw and powered by LawNet2.

Statutes Online
A free online resource which makes available all the primary legislation of Singapore.


Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority
The Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority regulates and monitors the businesses and companies in Singapore. They also manage and administer the registry of companies and businesses in Singapore

Asia Pacific Centre for Environmental Law
The Asia Pacific Centre for Environmental Law was established by the Faculty of Law, National University of Singapore in collaboration with the United Nations Environment Programme, to promote capacity-building in environmental legal education and awareness in environmental issues.

Asian Society of International Law
The Asian Society of International Law is an international non-partisan, non-profit and non-governmental organization which aims to promote research, education and practice of international law by serving as a centre of activities among international law scholars and practitioners in Asia and elsewhere in a spirit of partnership with other relevant international, regional and national societies and organizations; to foster and encourage Asian perspectives of international law; and to promote awareness of and respect for international law in Asia.

Attorney General's Chambers of Singapore
The Attorney-General’s Chambers’ website offers a broad overview of the Singapore Legal System, and provides many useful links to local legal resources, services and the websites of the various legal bodies in Singapore.

It also hosts the Statutes Online site.

Board of Legal Education
The Board of Legal Education registers persons seeking admission as advocates and solicitors, and provides training for persons intending to practise the profession of law in Singapore.

Controller of Certification Authorities
The Controller of Certification Authorities administers and monitors the licensing and regulation of online certification authorities in Singapore.

Insolvency and Public Trustee's Office
The Insolvency Office provides services in the administration of individual and corporate insolvency and to assist creditors and the community in dealing with the impact of individual and corporate financial failure, while the Public Trustees Office provides quality trustee services in the administration of estates of deceased persons, motor accident compensation monies and proceeds of crime confiscated under specific legislation.

Intellectual Property Office of Singapore
The Intellectual Property Office of Singapore is the statutory board that advises on and administers intellectual property (IP) laws, promotes IP awareness and provides the infrastructure to facilitate the development of IP in Singapore.

Law Society of Singapore
The Law Society of Singapore is a non-profit organization dedicated to serve the members of the legal profession and the community by sustaining a competent and independent Bar which upholds the rule of law and ensures access to justice.

Ministry of Law
This is the website of the Ministry of Law, which manages, among other things, constitutional and trustee matters, legal policies on civil and criminal justice, alternative dispute resolution and community mediation, the administration of intellectual property rights, as well as the administration of land titles and the management of state properties.

Nanyang Business School, Division of Business Law
The Division of Business Law in the Nanyang Technological University provides courses aimed at providing education and expertise in the fields of business and tax law.

National University of Singapore, Faculty of Law
The Faculty of Law in the National University of Singapore is the largest law school in Singapore, and is widely regarded as Asia’s leading law school.

Parliament of the Republic of Singapore
This is the website of the Singapore Parliament, offering announcements and general information on the local Parliament.

Singapore Academy Of Law
The Singapore Academy of Law is the umbrella membership body of the legal community in Singapore. Their website provides authoritative commentaries on the essential principles of Singapore law, as well as updates on the latest developments.

Singapore International Arbitration Centre
The Singapore International Arbitration Centre is a world-class arbitration institution in Asia. Their website allows you to browse the arbitration services available, as well as its arbitration rules, panel of available arbitrators and arbitration fees.

Singapore Land Authority
The Singapore Land Authority is the statutory board responsible for the management of State land and buildings, land sales, leases, acquisitions and allocation, developing and marketing land-related information, maintaining the national land information database and managing and maintaining the national land survey system. It is also the national land registration authority.

The Singapore Land Authority provides land survey services as well.

Singapore Legal Service
This website describes the structure of the Singapore Legal Service, and provides general information pertaining to it.

Singapore Mediation Centre
The Singapore Mediation Centre, a non-profit organisation guaranteed by the Singapore Academy of Law, is the flagship mediation centre of Singapore. Their site provides available alternative dispute resolution options, as well as links to several mediation-related resources.

Subordinate Courts of Singapore
This is the home site for the Subordinate Courts of Singapore, with links to the Criminal Justice, Civil Justice, Family Justice and Juvenile Justice divisions. The site makes available court announcements, as well as useful information on court procedures for litigants, lawyers, the public and the media.

Supreme Court of Singapore
This is the website for the Supreme Court of Singapore, and provides general information and announcements on court hearings, as well as other court services.